Vacancy Post IDPosition TitleSalary GradeAnnual SalaryNumber of VacanciesPost Date 
ADAS22018813-1-SHSADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (SHS)SG 8₱ 195,384.00108/13/2018
ADAS22018813-1-DISBADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (Disbursing Officer)SG 8₱ 195,384.00108/13/2018
ADAS32018813-1ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III (Bookkeeper)SG 9₱ 209,676.00108/13/2018
SP12018811-1SCHOOL PRINCIPAL I (SEC)SG 19₱ 505,188.00108/11/2018
ADOF22018727-1ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER IISG 11₱ 242,148.00107/27/2018
R12018727-1REGISTRAR ISG 11₱ 242,148.00107/27/2018
GUIDC22018727-1GUIDANCE COUNSELOR IISG 12₱ 265,788.00107/27/2018
DENT22018727-1DENTIST IISG 17₱ 417,372.00107/27/2018
ASP22018727-1ASSISTANT SCHOOL PRINCIPAL II (SHS)SG 19₱ 505,188.00107/27/2018
SP1180712-10SCHOOL PRINCIPAL I (ELEM)SG 19₱ 505,188.001007/12/2018

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